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    Track, Verify and Share Microactions

Why You'll Love Our Platform

MC2 is an activity-tracking mobile platform that powers social movements. It rewards people for tracking their small activities, which collectively have a big impact.

Engage, Reward and Scale

A powerful way for brands and organizations to motivate, engage, reward and scale public or employee activities with socially responsible campaigns.

Community Partnership Program

Want to partner? Ask us about our community partnership program. For selected partners, we give 100 per cent of our revenue for a causes’ microactions which earn rewards.

Drive Action

Empowers volunteers and supporters to take action locally, quickly and easily.

Social Verifications

Verify your actions to ensure their authenticity.

Pick-up & Play Experience

Complete microactions by taking a photo, writing a note or adding a link.


Reap rewards for good deeds: accumulate points as you take action.

Advanced Analytics

Whether for friends, volunteers, employees or supporters, receive targeted, geo-localized data to reach the people who can benefit from what you have to offer!

Share it

Spread the word and share microactions on your favorite social network.

"So you want to make the world a better place? Turns out there’s an app for that!"
Hallie Cotnam CBC’s Ottawa Morning Show
"What the world needs now is (an easier and more convenient way of sharing) love! Thanks to MC2, we now have it!"
John Osborne President, BBDO New York
"Based on my own bite-sized actions, and those of others, I am contributing to the building of a new reality: the definition of the world in which I should like to live."
Giovanna Mingarelli Harvard Business Review

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